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Management of LBP2
Liverton Business Park is owned and managed by Clinton Devon Estates.
LBP2 is being developed by Clinton Devon Estates on five hectares of land
adjacent to the existing retail park in response to a local and regional demand
for more employment space.
LBP2 will provide space for businesses in the light industry, storage and
distribution sector.
The landlord is offering to build the first units to the specification of the
initial tenants, subject to the necessary planning approvals.
Clinton Devon Estates is offering a tastefully landscaped, first class working
environment at LBP2, similar to the award-winning Liverton Business Park
which was recognised as Best Business Park in the South West in Bloom
3000 sq m
(30,000 sq ft)
1500 sq m
(15,000 sq ft)
1500 sq m
(15,000 sq ft)
500 sq m
(5,000 sq ft)
500 sq m
(5,000 sq ft)
500 sq m
(5,000 sq ft)
500 sq m
(5,000 sq ft)
250 sq m
(2,500 sq ft)
250 sq m
(2,500 sq ft)
10. 250 sq m
(2,500 sq ft)
11. 250 sq m
(2,500 sq ft)
12. 110 x 8 sq m unit
Please note that site and unit sizes are
approximate at this stage and will be built to
the specific requirement of the first tenants
Liverton Business Park Indicative layout
Staff at LBP2 will benefit from
constantly improving local
amenities which currently
include expansion of the cycle
route and footpath linking the
new development at Liverton
with nearby communities. In
addition to all the retailers on
site, there is a Tesco Superstore
and a planned new Lidl
supermarket within walking
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