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The environment
Our commitment includes:
Environmental choices – we take seriously the impact our activities
have on the environment and society in general. Our natural
resources should be managed to the highest standard and we will
constantly strive to adopt best practice and ensure that we deliver
net gains to the natural environment under the Estate's control.
Equally, our built environment should be managed and improved
in ways which are sympathetic to the setting and historic context,
whilst ensuring that they are also relevant to present and future
generations of society.
Energy – we aim to work in ways which are sensitive to our
environment, increase productivity, efficiency and reduce cost.
Our Estate Office is sustainably heated by a woodchip boiler and
we will select electricity providers with excellent environmental
We will continually review our product use across the Estate and
source products which minimise environmental harm.
Equipment – new equipment and vehicles are sourced with both
the environment and productivity in mind.
Constructing a 20,000 sq m dirty water lagoon to protect water quality and use as organic
fertiliser on the land
• Personal Development Plans – As part
of your annual appraisal you will agree a
Personal Development Plan which will
be linked to the 2021 Strategy.
Your continued development is vital in
ensuring we have a skilled and engaged
team working towards 2021.
• Communication – Our website has been
redesigned as a resource hub for
employees and the public including an
Estate Blog for regular Estate updates.
The resource pages will include articles
and fact sheets to encourage learning on
all topics affecting the Estate and our local
environment. We encourage everyone to
regularly review the website and follow
Estate news via social media links.
• Joint Projects – The Estate is fortunate
to have a wide variety of expertise and
knowledge across all our departments.
By working together on joint projects and
actively sharing this knowledge we can
work more effectively and efficiently to
deliver our 2021 Strategy.
• Support and Feedback – This is a vital
part in the success of the 2021 Strategy.
The giving and receiving of constructive
feedback is a process we encourage at
all levels across the Estate. The
Leadership Team will seek regular
feedback from our stakeholders and
employees and we encourage everyone
to participate in the process.
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