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Engagement with the
local community is
vital to getting our
messages across.
The Estate encourages
all employees to
demonstrate to the
wider community what
we do, through
presentations, visits
or articles in local
Principles of Working
• Responsible Stewardship
• Achieving Results
• Providing For
Future Generations
• A Winning Team
• Opportunites Through
Volunteers helping with a Royal Navy ‘airlift’ of gorse bales on the SSSI heathland.
Leadership team – our commitment
The Estate leadership team promises to be accessible and maintain an
‘Open Door Policy’, being receptive to and seeking out feedback, promoting
openness and transparency across all departments. To facilitate this we
To attend other department’s team meetings enabling knowledge
and information sharing.
To uphold the Estate Principles of Working.
To encourage constructive discussion when things go wrong so as to
strengthen our ability to be a better organisation by learning.
To seek and give constructive feedback regularly.
We ask you:
To understand the Estate Principles of Working and your role in the
2021 Strategy.
To participate in regular team meetings and feedback sessions.
To prepare for and attend your Annual Appraisal and ensure that you
have an agreed Personal Development Plan.
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