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Our 2021 Strategy was launched in 2011, building on the successes of the last
ten years.
Our Strategy is about investing for our future. A future for the Estate, the Clinton
family, our employees, tenants and customers, as well as the communities we
engage and work with. A future also for our built and natural environment -
which is critical if we are to leave a lasting legacy of which we can be proud.
The purpose of our 2021 Strategy is to galvanise support and focus from everyone
across the Estate team and all those who have an interest in or are impacted
by our work. We must ensure that we hand over something better to future
generations, providing a platform from which our successors can build.
This is not a strategy to sit on a shelf. It is a strategy we talk about, a strategy
which informs our work and influences behaviour.
In today’s fast moving and complex world, sometimes it is easy to forget what
makes the Estate and our purpose special. Whilst we address the challenges
of today we also need to keep both our minds open about the future and value
what we have. We are priviledged to be custodians of such a wonderful and
precious part of Devon. A.A. Milne’s words in the introduction to Winnie-The-
Pooh (see opposite), sum it up well.
Everyone, in whatever role, has an important part to play in contributing to the
delivery of our 2021 Strategy –“Doing our part for our part of the world.”
This document has been produced to help explain our 2021 Strategy and approach
to business. If you are in any doubt about how you can make your contribution
then please ask.
John Varley
Estates Director
‘Doing our part for our part of the world’
There are some people
who begin the Zoo at
the beginning, called
WAYIN, and walk as
quickly as they can past
every cage until they
come to the one called
WAYOUT, but the nicest
people go straight to
the animal they love the
most, and stay there
A.A. Milne, in the Introduction to
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