NEW_CDE_strategy_Handbook_AW - page 6

Responsible Stewardship
The physical integrity of the Estate
is maintained and the quality of our
natural and built environment is
enhanced so that we hand over
something more valuable than
we have today
Achieving Results
To maximise the returns from the use
of our tangible, intangible and people
resources without compromising
our ethical values
Providing For
Future Generations
The Estate’s owners
have confidence in the
financial integrity of
the Estate and its
ability to meet its
long term fiscal
AWinning Team
We deliver the Estates objectives despite
self imposed and external constraints and operate an
Estate wide performance framework which encourages
negotiations for scarce resources
The indentification of
business opportunites
and the delivery of
environmental and
social results
through effective
Our vision
Our vision is about achieving a sustainable future for the Estate, our
local environment and communities. In essence:
"Doing our part for our part of the world"
A vision is a long term ambition, something to strive for. Our day to day
mission statement is:
"To secure the long term prosperity of the Estate
and the people who live and work on it in ways
which care for the countryside and engage with
the wider community"
Easy to say but not always easy to do. Our mission should be the context
of our work, something we test our plans against and it should be relevant
to every one of us - whatever job we do.
In 2001 the Estate established five principles of working. For the past ten
years these principles have been embedded into the working culture
across the Estate and they remain just as relevant as before:
1,2,3,4,5 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,...16
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