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Better Organisation
This theme focuses on ensuring that we have the right
business framework for success.
This theme will include efficiency programmes,
organisational improvements and governance structures.
Investing for our Future
This theme is fundamental in securing the
future built, natural and human ‘balance sheet’ profile
we aspire to by 2021.
The theme will reflect activity in terms of capital investment
projects including for example investment in our agricultural
portfolio and Liverton Business Park. Investing in resources,
including people development, is also included here.
2021 Strategic Themes
For the 2021 Strategy there are four strategic themes supported by our principles of working.
These four themes are:
Better Organisation
Raising Funds
Investing for our Future
Stewardship and Society
The four themes determine the basis of how we structure our approach to deliver the 2021 Strategy
and also how we review our performance in delivering key strategic outcomes.
Your role
Communicating and “living” the 2021 Strategy is
everyone’s responsibility.
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