Countryside Matters 2014 - page 2

I amdelighted to introduceour 2014EstateReview, CountrysideMatters.
The articles in this year’s publication continue to reflect the themeswhichunderpinour 2021
Strategy.The thread that holds all of it together is thatwe are a familybusiness that looks tohand
over somethingbetter to futuregenerations. I am thereforepleased to see the articleon rural family
businesswhichhighlights the importanceof successionplanning and theFamilyBusinessGrowth
Programmewhich theEstatehas been leading in conjunctionwith theLocal EnterprisePartnership,
Defra andDevonCountyCouncil.
Conserving and enhancingour natural andbuilt environment arekey elements of our strategy
and anumber of articles focus on these important areas.Managingwater tobetter protect land
and communities; fascinating insights on theCommonAgricultural Policy; and “Constructive
Conservation”, aprinciplewe, likemany estates, try to apply toour historicbuildings and
Onmore commercial themes there are articles that emphasise the importanceof “sustainability”.
One looking atwhere tomorrow’s timberwill come from - highlightingkeyopportunities for the
industry andpolicymakers.Another on the importanceof investing responsibly,which challenges
conventionby demonstrating that by thinking about the environmentwhen selecting funds for your
pensionmay actuallydeliver better returns in the long run.
Our complex countrysidebusinesswouldbenothing if itwerenot for our remarkable teamof
people.OurReview illustrateswhy all land-basedbusinesses should continuallydevelop existing
andnewpeople, especially as the challenges andopportunitieswe face are constantly changing
and evolving.
We aregrateful, as always, to the external expertswhohave contributed to thisReview and
provideduswith such thought provoking and stimulating articles.
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