Key outcomes – tangible measurable
results and shifting mindsets
Participants have been asked to engage
with around 50 rural family businesses and
family farming businesses during the 12
month programme. These may include
both existing and new family business
clients. Best efforts are expected in
delivering a range of outputs which were
agreed during the two day session at IMD –
these include a free “family business
health check”, outline family constitutions
and succession plans.
Understanding why these outputs may not
be achieved is just as important as
achieving them and this feedback will be
requested throughout the programme to
influence learning and evaluation. It is likely
that this programme will be launched
nationally after 2014 and shaped by the
lessons learnt in Devon and Somerset.
World class training
Those attending the masterclass have
been “accredited” by two leading
institutions, Exeter University and one of
the World’s leading business schools,
IMD, Lausanne.
Attendees have benefited from world
class training in family business delivered by
world class academics using over 20 years
of family business research and best
Accredited firms are seen as contributing
to supporting Devon and Somerset’s
family businesses as they tackle key
issues and barriers to growth including
family succession and business clarity
and strategy.
Timescales and key milestones
The programme commenced in Spring
2013 and after a briefing by Exeter University
and the two day programme at IMD was
held on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd May
2013. An event will be held at Exeter
University later in 2013/14 and the
programme will formally close in April
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