The opportunity – for advisors and for rural family
businesses and family farms
It was not practical to send
representatives from Devon and
Somerset’s farming families and rural
businesses to IMD, Lausanne in
Switzerland. IMD therefore agreed to
work with Exeter University in developing
a bespoke programme to “train the
facilitators”. That is provide a special
programme for professional advisors and
business support organisations which
includes a two day "master-class” at IMD
in Lausanne and pre and post event
sessions at Exeter University. Those who
attended the programme were trained and
will be supported to work with existing
and new family business clients in
facilitating the development of succession
plans and family business strategies to
targeted businesses across Devon and
Over the 12months Exeter University will
monitor how the programme is evolving
and howmuch progress is being made. At
the end of the programme all participants
will be encouraged to provide feedback and
evidence to help shape the programme in
order for it to be ready to potentially roll
out nationally after 2014.
This is an extremely high profile project,
attracting the interest of industry leaders,
Government ministers and the media.
Participants in this programme will be
highly visible and seen as contributing to
an extremely relevant and important
initiative in the SouthWest and nationally.
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