Clinton Devon Estates' woodlands take top award

Clinton Devon Estates' woodlands take top award

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Clinton Devon Estates' woodlands take top award

Clinton Devon Estates has won a top national award for the way in which it manages its woodlands.

At the Royal Forestry Society Excellence Awards held at the Forestry Commission's National Arboretum at Westonbirt, Clinton Devon Estates was awarded silver in the Duke of Cornwall Multipurpose Woodlands Award 2012.

Clinton Devon Estates woodland covers 1,900 hectares across East and North Devon, and comprises a rich mixture of both commercial conifers and native broadleaved species.

Commenting on the award, John Wilding, Head of Forestry and Environmental Economy for Clinton Devon Estates said: "In so many ways we operate a traditional estate so it is very pleasing to have achieved this level of recognition for our multi-purpose woodlands which are thriving as a result of continued thinning and careful management. In the face of dealing with the ongoing challenges of new pests and diseases, we have been able to produce high quality timber as well as providing areas of important public recreation space."   

Tim Sawyer, former Forestry Commission Operation Manager for South and West England, who led the judging team, said: "The forestry industry faces a tough challenge persuading the public that management practices such as coppicing, thinning and cutting down trees and managing squirrels and deer, can be good for woodlands, but our winners demonstrate just how much can be achieved when appropriate techniques are used well."

The annual RGS Woodlands Awards recognise best practice across four categories; Multipurpose (Duke of Cornwall), Silviculture, Community and Small Woodlands (up to 20 hectares) and a Schools Award.

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