LDF Submission, Littleham, Exmouth.

LDF Submission, Littleham, Exmouth

LDF Submission, Littleham, Exmouth.

7th October 2011

(This proposal has been replaced with the Plumb Park proposal. Please click here to be taken to the Plumb Park page)


We would like to bring you up to speed with our master planning and ideas for the Littleham development site which we have submitted as part of East Devon's Local Development Framework Core Strategy.  

Clinton Devon Estates is excited about the opportunity to help develop an extension to the community of Exmouth on the Estate's land at Littleham.  We take our responsibilities and stewardship of the area seriously and believe that through effective engagement with the Town Council, and wider community, we can together design a place to live and work which is truly in harmony with its surroundings; reflecting the very best in housing, community and landscape design and exceeding energy efficiency and carbon targets.   We aim for an exemplar development, a place which supports Exmouth's vision and is seen by other towns as something to aspire to.

Sustainable Development:

As is clearly demonstrated, the Littleham site is the most sustainable area for a development of up to 500 homes and community facilities in Exmouth.  Key factors which support this view include:

1.        Of the proposed sites it is closest to all of the town centre, seafront, and major public transport hubs.

2.        It is well located to represent a natural infill to the existing urban area (it is surrounded on three sides by urban development) adjacent to established residential areas which already benefit from good links to the B3178 Salterton Road, the Dinan Way link, and extensive footpath and cycle way networks.

3.        It lies on or close to several bus routes and is well placed for local services and facilities in terms of local shops, schools, sports facilities, health facilities and local existing and future employment provision.

4.        It is unencumbered with sensitive environmental designations (it lies outside the AONB, Coastal Protection Area and flood zones and has no nature conservation designations), it is well screened from Maer Lane on the opposite side of the valley by the existing mature landscape and topography, and it nestles below existing development at the skyline.

Responsible Stewardship:

Clinton Devon Estates is an organisation which espouses the principles of responsible stewardship and has a large stake in Exmouth and the surrounding area.  Our ethos is all about handing something over in a better condition than that received to future generations.  We take a long term view.  Our credentials include the award of a Queen's Award for Enterprise in the Sustainable Development category twice in 10 years. 

Cash flows released from a development such as this would be reinvested on the Estate and give us an opportunity to invest in important built and natural capital projects which have very low or no financial returns.  In this particular case it would be our intention to use some of the capital to restructure our farming operations around Exmouth to future proof them and ensure that they have the investment and scale to make a fitting contribution to supplying the increasing global demand for food products, as well as meeting agriculture's obligations to society in conserving and enhancing natural resources, including water quality. 

In addition, capital released from any development at Littleham would be directed at building out premises at the Liverton 2 extension and establishing and building out Liverton 3.  Both these commercial and potentially high quality office developments are, we feel, critical to the future economic success of the Town.

We recognise the requirement to also help fund other community infrastructure projects and that any planning consent would be given on this basis.  We also note the desire to find funding for the extension to Dinan Way.  It is clear to us that if there was to be a case for any contributions of this nature, then any development at Littleham would have to be of sufficient scale and include an element of high value properties if expectations of the Local Authority are to stand any chance of being met.

Our Approach to Development:

It is our intention, that should Littleham be included in the LDF, that the Estate would engage in a wide ranging and professional community consultation and engagement exercise to ensure that the resultant master planning process was informed and influenced by the local community.  We are already identifying best practice in this area from across and beyond the UK and we plan to invest heavily in this approach.  This will ensure that the resident's of Exmouth feel that they have a real stake in shaping the development of this important new community. 

We intend to propose landscape designs which conserve key landscape features and encourage enhanced open access to land previously unavailable to the general public.  We also wish to minimise any visual impacts and already our master planners have identified how this can be successfully achieved by considering placing housing and infrastructure below existing development on the skylines and using contours / topography to good effect.

Overall, we feel that the Littleham site offers a unique opportunity to deliver a wide range of significant benefits for Exmouth; way beyond the "base case" of an exemplar sustainable community.

To download the Littleham Leaflet, click here


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