Littleham Traffic Project

Littleham Traffic Project

Littleham Traffic Project

The Littleham Traffic Project has been established to look at existing traffic issues in the Littleham area. It is a group project involving the Littleham Residents Association, TARA, Council Representatives, Devon Cliffs Holiday Park and hopefully the local police, who are being invited to the next meeting. Clinton Devon Estates is facilitating the meetings and has provided funding for an independent traffic consultant to advise on the issues and to recommend potential improvements.  

The Estates' involvement in the Littleham Traffic Project is in recognition of concerns raised by some councillors and members of the public during the current consultation into the Plumb Park development proposal. While it has already been established that there is no Highways reason to prevent the development of 350 new homes at Plumb Park, Clinton Devon Estates believes that the current issues should be  properly investigated for the benefit of the local community.  

The first meeting of the LTP was held on March 12th and among the potential solutions discussed to ease existing traffic problems in the Littleham area were no-parking zones, new parking areas, different light sequencing on traffic lights and  a park-and-walk option for primary school drop-off. More ambitious solutions were also included for further investigation including re-configuring junctions and highway infrastructure.

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