Devon youngsters sail the high seas thanks to local charity

Young people from Devon have set sail on a self-confidence building adventure along the South coast thanks to a donation from a local charitable trust.


Devon youngsters sail the high seas thanks to local charity

The group, made up of 11Teignmouth Sea Cadets, aged between 12 and 17, embarked on a return journey from Brixham in Devon to Fowey in Cornwall on a week-long sail training exercise, provided by the Trinity Sailing Foundation.

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The training, which is funded by donations, is designed to challenge and motivate young people to help build self confidence, as well as contributing towards their Royal Yachting Association qualifications.

This year, two of the groups that have undergone sail training have benefited from a donation made by the charity’s patron, Lord Clinton. The funding provided by Lord Clinton’s Charitable Trust funded the sea cadets voyage as well as a group from a Devon-based adoption charity earlier in the summer. Upon arrival in Brixham, Charles Fane-Trefusis, son of Lord Clinton, greeted the young sea cadets to hear about their adventure.

Trinity Sailing Foundation Director, Toby Russell said: “We are very grateful for the support we have received from Lord Clinton’s Charitable Trust over the years. Donations are absolutely critical in keeping our sail training opportunities available for young people of all backgrounds and abilities, as many of the groups we provide sail training for would otherwise not be able to afford to take part.”

The vessels used for Trinity’s sail training are a fleet of Brixham-built trawlers dating back to the 19th century. Leader, built in 1892 has been restored to its former glory by the charity, but has very minimal modern technology on board.

Speaking of his time spent on Leader, Sea Cadet Euan Crago aged 14 said: “We were all friends at the beginning of this trip but having to work together, doing things like raising the sails and keeping below deck tidy has helped make our friendships stronger.”

Lara Caine, who was the Skipper on Leader for the week said: “The sail training we provide aims to build self confidence in the kids. By taking them out of their comfort zone at the beginning of the week, they appreciate the support of their friends and crew members and realise they can do things they have never done before.”

“It is so rewarding to see the change that happens from the beginning of the week to the end and we are so grateful to those that donate and keep these opportunities and vessels alive.”

Lord Clinton’s Charitable Trust, which is connected to the property and land management business Clinton Devon Estates, provides charitable support at a regional, national and international level, with preference given to Devon-based charities.

John Varley, Estates Director for Clinton Devon Estates and a Trustee of Lord Clinton’s Charitable Trust said: “Lord Clinton’s Charitable Trust supports local or regional charities with a focus on developing and empowering young people. The Trinity Sailing Foundation not only meets these criteria but provides so much more.

“We are proud to support this charity which provides young people with a unique learning opportunity and also preserves a part of Devon’s heritage, through the maintenance of Brixham’s historic trawlers, which may otherwise be lost.”

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