Estates Director awarded Fellowship of the Royal Agricultural Societies

Estates Director for Clinton Devon Estates, John Varley, has been awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Agricultural Societies for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The award recognises his continued service and leadership within the industry.

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Estates Director awarded Fellowship of the Royal Agricultural Societies

Mr Varley, who joined Clinton Devon Estates in 2000, received the Fellowship at a ceremony in the House of Lords. It was presented by Baroness Hazel Byford, President of the Royal Associations of British Dairy Farmers, who has also served as opposition parliamentary spokesman for Food, Farming and Rural Affairs. John Varley’s Fellowship comes four years after he was made an Associate Fellow by the Royal Agricultural Societies.

The appointment was made by the Council for Awards of Royal Agricultural Societies, which annually recognises outstanding efforts in all aspects of practical farming, including research, economics, commercial and administration, Mr Varley one of only 16 in England to receive the accolade this year.

Secretary for the English Panel of the Council for Awards, Malcolm Stansfield MBE said: “John Varley’s Fellowship has been awarded in recognition of both his commitment to agriculture and land based industries and his continued leadership within them.”

John Varley currently holds non executive positions with the Environment Agency and the Estates Business Group.

to set out against the Scots, the King’s enemies and rebels

– Instructions given by Edward 1 to John de Clinton on 8th April 1298, prior to him leading the Royal army to victory at the Battle of Falkirk. As a direct result the Clinton Barony was formed on 22nd July 1299

We are trustees for life of the countryside

– 22nd Baron Clinton, 2002

Handing over something more valuable than we have today,

– Estates ethos

But our power for good or evil in this world’s affairs in a countryside is enormous

– Robert Lipscomb, Steward 1865 – 1892

…and the Lord Clinton was, by the whole Council, brought to the King’s presence, who after like thanks was given, was pleased that he should be made High Admiral of England and one of his Privy Council…

– Official record of appointment of 9th Baron Clinton as Lord High Admiral for life on 4th May 1550