Roman coins discovered on Clinton Devon Estates go on display at RAMM museum

A collection of coins from the Seaton Down Hoard, the largest discovery of Roman coins in Devon will go on display at Exeter’s Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM).


Roman coins discovered on Clinton Devon Estates go on display at RAMM museum

The coins were uncovered in November 2013 by metal detecting enthusiast Laurence Egerton, who had been working, under special licence, on Clinton Devon Estates land. Following their excavation, the coins were officially declared treasure by a Devon Coroner’s Inquest on 12th September 2014.

The RAMM has been able to purchase, conserve and exhibit the coins as a result of a number of generous contributions, including from Clinton Devon Estates. 

It is believed that the coins were buried in around AD248, probably by a private individual or soldier for safe-keeping. Historians say they provide a fascinating insight into the world of 4th-century Roman Britain.

Clare James, Estate Surveyor for Clinton Devon Estates said “We are thrilled to see the Seaton Down Hoard go on display at the RAMM and are proud to have been able to contribute towards an important part of Devon’s local history being preserved and exhibited locally.”

Work is being done to stabilise the collection of almost 23,000 coins; a process which will help uncover the story of Roman East Devon and its place in the economic history of late Roman Britain. Each coin is being checked and a selection of coins conserved to reveal precise details of their date, type and place of mint.

An advance display of a selection of coins will be available for visitors to view at the RAMM in August, while conservation work continues on the main collection. A new display featuring the entire collection will be created by the RAMM for 2017.

Watch how the Roman Coins were discovered here

Details of the exhibition can be found in the RAMM’s event programme for July to September 2016

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