Third Queen’s Award recognises outstanding sustainability credentials

One of Devon’s oldest family businesses has received its third consecutive Queen’s Award for Enterprise – the UK’s highest accolade for business success.


Third Queen’s Award recognises outstanding sustainability credentials

Clinton Devon Estates, a land and property management business, has been recognised for its work in Sustainable Development. It first received the award in 2005, again in 2010 and now holds the 2015 Queens Award for the next five years.

Clinton Devon Estates can trace its history back to 1299. Today it manages 25,000 acres across East and North Devon and is involved in farming, sustainable forestry, deer management, commercial and residential property and a number of small businesses including the South West’s premier equestrian venue, Bicton Arena.

The Estates’ successful business enterprises allow reinvestment into managing the land for generations to come, including the East Devon Pebblebed Heaths, a Site of Special Scientific Interest.  All development profits are reinvested across the Estates benefiting local communities and businesses as well as the environment.  Clinton Devon Estates also plays an important part in helping to sustain local communities by providing sports grounds, primary school and community allotments, affordable housing and business premises in many areas across North and East Devon.

The 2015 Queen’s Award citation highlights Clinton Devon Estates’ commitment to sustainable agriculture, in particular the installation of slurry-storage facilities which have enabled efficient manure spreading; reducing fertiliser requirements and improving water quality and land fertility. 

Other sustainable measures introduced by Clinton Devon Estates have included the optimisation of wood harvesting, the re-use of low-grade wood for biomass heating and the processing of venison for sale at local farmers’ markets.

Over the past five years Clinton Devon Estates has produced 100,000 kilowatt hours of renewable electricity and 8,000 tonnes of biomass, saving over 4,500 tonnes of carbon emissions. 

Estates Director John Varley said: “Sustainable development is all about next generational thinking and good practice and, as a family business, this is something we are very focused on. Modernised estates like Clinton Devon have a huge part to play in society, the economy and our natural environment.

“This third Queen’s Award has demonstrated that even through a period of austerity it is possible, through sensible development and careful conservation, to create a fertile environment for business success that benefits the environment and local communities for many generations to come.”

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We are trustees for life of the countryside

– 22nd Baron Clinton, 2002

Do what you can to elevate your profession. It is an honourable one

– Robert Lipscomb, Steward 1865 – 1892

to set out against the Scots, the King’s enemies and rebels

– Instructions given by Edward 1 to John de Clinton on 8th April 1298, prior to him leading the Royal army to victory at the Battle of Falkirk. As a direct result the Clinton Barony was formed on 22nd July 1299

But our power for good or evil in this world’s affairs in a countryside is enormous

– Robert Lipscomb, Steward 1865 – 1892

Handing over something more valuable than we have today,

– Estates ethos