Vital research into affordable housing need in East Devon parish

An East Devon landowner has had to take the unusual step of privately funding a study into affordable housing need across one of its local parishes.

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Vital research into affordable housing need in East Devon parish

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Clinton Devon Estates is currently conducting the survey among 408 households in East Budleigh and Bicton following a request by East Devon District Council for official information to support a planning application for 21 new homes on the edge of East Budleigh – at least 40% of which are proposed as designated affordable housing for local people. 

The planning application was lodged in December 2014 but three months later East Devon District Council planners advised Clinton Devon Estates that the application could not be progressed due to the absence of an up-to-date housing needs survey.

Head of Property and Land for Clinton Devon Estates, Leigh Rix explained; “It is our understanding that East Budleigh with Bicton Parish Council had been reluctant to permit the official East Devon District Council survey, conducted by Devon Communities Together (DCT), preferring instead to organise the research as part of their current Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire.”

Mr Rix added: “It is very important that East Devon District Council is able to gain a clear understanding of the scale of housing need in this rural parish and we are advised that the Neighbourhood Plan feedback will not provide sufficient detail nor, as far as we are aware, has a date been set for publication of the results.

“East Devon District Council has advised us that provided the survey mirrors the form used by DCT, the information would be admissible.” 

The Clinton Devon Estates questionnaire is being conducted in the full knowledge and with the support of East Devon District Council and the Housing Enabling Officer with input from Devon Communities Together on methodology. It contains a confidentiality and Data Protection statement from Clinton Devon Estates which reads: “The information you provide will be used by Clinton Devon Estates solely to provide information requested by East Devon District Council on the housing needs within East Budleigh and Bicton Parish. The information provided will be used confidentially and only as a means of informing East Devon District Council on housing need issues. No data will be published which can identify an individual.

Mr Rix explained: “As landowners in East Devon, we have a responsibility to find pockets of land appropriate for housing and we do our very best to try to identify locations that will provide a natural extension to an existing community.

“This planning application is modest in size but pledges to deliver at least 40% affordable housing for local people in an appropriate central location that would suit young families and older people alike.”

View the survey here >>>

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