Forestry & timber

Clinton Devon Estates owns and manages 1,900 hectares of woodland in East and North Devon, comprising a rich mixture of both commercial conifers and native broadleaved species.

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Forestry & timber

Our woodlands are multi-purpose, providing environmental, recreational and landscape benefits as well as producing a sustainable supply of timber for the wood processing industry.

In recent years Clinton Devon Estates’ commitment to forest management has resulted in a level of woodland cover almost twice the national average – an achievement that has won international acclaim from the Forest Stewardship Council.

Clinton Devon Estates woodland produces FSC certified timber with conifers accounting for the greatest harvested volume. Timber from the Douglas fir, spruce and larch is sold to manufacturers, sawmills and wood processing industries in the local, regional, national and international markets.

Woodchip from the Estates that used to be taken as far as Wales for processing is used to create biomass fuel locally – saving hundreds of road miles in carbon emissions. 

Our woodlands are managed carefully to achieve a rich diversity of tree species and age structure which, in turn, provides a wide range of habitats for many plants and animal species.

In East Devon, 90% of our woodlands have public access routes, offering many recreational benefits. 

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to set out against the Scots, the King’s enemies and rebels

– Instructions given by Edward 1 to John de Clinton on 8th April 1298, prior to him leading the Royal army to victory at the Battle of Falkirk. As a direct result the Clinton Barony was formed on 22nd July 1299

We are trustees for life of the countryside

– 22nd Baron Clinton, 2002

Handing over something more valuable than we have today,

– Estates ethos

But our power for good or evil in this world’s affairs in a countryside is enormous

– Robert Lipscomb, Steward 1865 – 1892

Do what you can to elevate your profession. It is an honourable one

– Robert Lipscomb, Steward 1865 – 1892